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About Us

The Douthit family have been farming and raising registered Hereford cattle for over 75 years. Douthit Herefords was a family operation started by Frank and Mary Douthit, then son Jim and wife Helen Douthit. In 1984 three of their five children took over. Then in 2008 the three brother, Walter, Roger and Stephen dissolved their partnership.

Stephen and wife Melva continued the registered herd as 4V Ranch Douthit Herefords. Stephen and Melva have five wonderful children. Ana and husband, Tyler Enfield, have two children, Zarik and Kira. They currently live in St. Francis, Tyler works in construction which he enjoys and Ana is an office assistant at the local John Deere dealership. Erica and husband, Matthew Gattshall, have three children, Quade, Candance, and Xander. Currently live north of Goodland, where they farm and raise cattle. Margo lives at the farm with her three dogs where they tend to the cattle. Courtney and fiancé Matthew Nelson live in Culbertson Nebraska. Courtney works at Nebraska Bull Service collecting bulls. Her soon to be husband works for a local farmer. Thomas is the only son, he recently became a diesel technician and has elected to return to the family farm.

In October of 2015 Stephen was tragically killed in a farming accident. Margo and Thomas have continued the registered Hereford herd that Stephen built, and are looking forward to having a commercial herd alongside the registered herd

What we strive for:

Disposition of the cattle is crucial for a smooth working operation! Which is why we strive for calm cattle that are safe to be around!

Structure is the utmost importance in our bulls and females. We expect our cattle to go out and work in whatever environment they are put in. We have sold cattle from Canada down to Texas with successful breeding seasons!
From low birth weight to high growth
Consistently producing ranch ready cattle.
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