4V Ranch Douthit Herefords

The Douthit family has been farming and raising Hereford cattle for over 70 years and 4 generations. Douthit Herefords was a family operation started by Frank and Mary Douthit, then son Jim and wife Helen Douthit. It was taken over by three sons: Walter, Roger and Steve Douthit in 1984. In 2008, the brothers dissolved their partnership. Steve and wife Melva and their children: Ana, Erica, Margo, Courtney and Thomas, sons-in-law Tyler Enfield and Matt Gattshall and grandsons Zarik and Quade make up 4V Ranch Douthit Herefords. The 4V brand is synonymous with quality, honesty, integrity, consistency. The cattle have worked for us for over 70 years. We have seen many changed in the industry and we strive to consistently produce ranch ready cattle that are feed efficient, sound and have good dispositions.

Structure is of the utmost importance in our bulls and females. The majority of our cows and heifers are pasture bred. This means they have to walk to get to water-whether it's natural occurring or windmill powered.

Dispositions. The "younger" and more experienced Steve gets, the more important dispositions become. Fewer broken fences, cattle that get out and flightiness means less stress on humans. The cattle are not pets by any means, but we feel they are easier to work with. We constantly walk through the yearling bulls at the farm to not only see how they are doing, but to potentially identify any problem cattle. The cattle are exposed to children, radios, farm equipment and other animals.

Feed Efficiency. We send a select group of feeder steers representing some of our herd sires to a feedlot to participate in the GOP program. We look at rate of gain, rib eye scans and IMF.

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